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Somos BioClear 3D Printing Material

Somos® BioClear

Clear material designed specially for medical applications.

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Somos ProtoTherm SL 3D Printing

Somos® ProtoTherm

High-temperature resistance with exceptional surface finishing.

Somos WaterShed SL 3D Printing Material

Somos® WaterShed XC 11122

Highly detailed parts with superior clarity and water-resistance.

Somos® WaterClear Ultra 10122

 Colorless, functional, and accurate parts that simulate an acrylic appearance.

Somos ProtoGen SL 3D Printing Material

Somos® ProtoGen

A translucent, ABS-like solution for a variety of industries.  

Somos PerFORM SL 3D Printing

Somos® PerFORM

Ideal for tooling, high temperature, and wind tunnel testing applications.

Somos® NeXt LV Grey

Thermoplastic-like performance and high-res detail.

Somos NeXt SL 3D Printing Material

Somos® NeXt

The accuracy of SL with the performance of thermoplastic. 

Somos 14122 SL 3D Printing Material

Somos® GP Plus 14122

This material mirrors production plastics like ABS and PBT.

Somos EvoLVe SL 3D Printing Material

Somos® EvoLVe 128

Designed for great performance and easy post-processing.

Somos® Element

Specifically designed for producing investment casting patterns.

Somos® 9000 Series

The ultimate solution for semi-flexible form, fit and function parts.

Somos Taurus SL 3D Printing Material

Somos® Taurus

Providing a combination of thermal and mechanical performance.