Somos® NeXt

The accuracy of stereolithography with the look, feel, and performance of a thermoplastic

Hockey Blades Made With Somos NeXt SL 3D Printing Material
Hockey blades made with Somos® NeXt and NeXt LV Grey.

Somos® NeXt helps you take product design to new heights with a look and feel almost indistinguishable from finished traditional thermoplastics, but with a toughness, durability, and accuracy not traditionally seen in stereolithography resins. By using this unique 3D-printing material, you can produce a range of functional testing applications and prototypes that save significant amounts of time, money, and materials. This extremely durable stereolithography resin produces very accurate parts with high feature detail. Somos® NeXt is the next generation of material that facilitates the production of tough, complex parts with improved moisture resistance and greater thermal properties.

Key benefits

  • Superior strength and durability
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Thermoplastic-like performance, look, and feel

Product Information

  • Product specifications

  • User guide

  • Case study: A better router guide

  • Case study: Warrior Sports lacrosse prototypes

  • Case study: Toyota Motorsport

  • Case study: Dinsmore shoulder story

  • Case study: A clean sweep

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