UnionTech Machine Features

UnionTech’s line of industrial stereolithography 3D-printing equipment are built with a robust, simple design.

UnionTech Industrial 3D Printer Granite Recoater Frame

Granite Recoater Frame

The granite recoater frame provides a stable platform for the recoater and platform elevator systems, which contributes to excellent registration and sidewall quality.

UnionTech Industrial 3D Printer Plunger Closeup

Closed-Loop Level Control

The plunger leveling system and high-precision liquid level sensor maintain precise control over the resin level.

UnionTech Industrial 3D Printer Vacuum Recoater Blade

Closed-Loop Vacuum Recoater Control

Closed-loop control over the vacuum recoater evenly recoats resin across the vat between layers, ensuring print quality.

UnionTech Industrial 3D Printer Laser System


An Advanced Optowave laser is part of the open design philosophy of UnionTech. The laser cures any 355 nm photopolymer material.

Machine features vary by equipment model. For specific machine specs for each UnionTech model, check out the pages:

Want to see the UnionTech equipment in person? Visit the display rooms in New Sharon, Iowa or St. Charles, Illinois. Contact us for details.