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Industrial 3D Printers We Offer

Our experts help you choose from the most advanced stereolithography and SLS 3D printers. We offer technologies that deliver the highest speed, accuracy, and resolution available for your applications.

SLA Printers

RAPLAS-700 Printer

SLS Printers

Used 3D Printers

SLS and SLA 3D Printing Materials

We provide a range of stereolithography, SLS and DLP 3D printing materials for use in prototyping, investment casting, and more. The resins and powders we carry are formulated to fit a variety of applications, so we can match you with the right materials.

3D Printer Maintenance Programs and Support

Our knowledgeable team is ready to offer advice and technical expertise that will guide you to the right technology and materials for your specific projects. We offer repair and maintenance on a variety of equipment so your projects can continue, minimizing downtime.

RAPLAS PR 700 Testimonial

“We print day and night on our RAPLAS PR 700 machine, utilizing it to produce items we previously had to create by hand. This 3D printer gives us a competitive edge by allowing us to create parts faster, giving us the ability to maintain or lower costs on some projects without sacrificing quality. RP America & RAPLAS’ open materials model gives us the comfort of knowing material cost will be competitive with other suppliers or options. The team at RP America always provides quick, reliable, and friendly service. Since purchasing this machine, we’ve become more efficient and are often able to finish jobs ahead of schedule.”

Industries that benefit from 3D Printing

  • OEMS

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