Used and Refurbished 3D Printing Equipment

Additive manufacturing technology is changing, but that doesn’t always mean you need the newest equipment. If you’re looking for an older model or need something for a specific type of 3D printing project, we have an inventory of previously-owned machines and can help match you with the right product.

Available Used 3D Printing Equipment

  • Viper Si
  • SL 3500
  • SL 5000
  • ProJet 6000
  • PCAs
  • Large-Frame Half Vats
  • Large-Frame Full Vats
  • Small-Frame Half Vats
  • Small-Frame Full Vats
  • Custom Vats

Looking to sell your equipment?

If you currently have 3D printing equipment you’d like to sell, let us know! We may be able to take it off your hands and match it with a buyer.

How can we assist you?

Let us know what 3D printing assistance you need, and one of our experts will be in touch shortly.

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