Professional 3D Printing Sales and Support

RP America began life as an organization solely dedicated to servicing additive manufacturing equipment for businesses. Founded on our Midwestern values, our experience in additive manufacturing technology led us to realize that we could provide more value to our clients by guiding them toward the best equipment, software, and accessories to meet their needs.

Facilitating Innovative Solutions

We understand how to help companies derive the greatest benefit from their additive manufacturing investment. With valuable insight into the right tools to accomplish a variety of manufacturing objectives, we give customers the flexibility they need to create innovative solutions efficiently and with minimal waste.

Providing Exceptional Support and Expertise

Our mission is to be the most respected service-first provider in the additive manufacturing industry. We use creative problem solving and unsurpassed expertise to minimize downtime and keep equipment running smoothly. Our team members are dedicated to a culture of partnerships that allows them to deliver exceptional support and industry-leading expertise.

Want to work for us?

If you’re interested in joining a forward-thinking company dedicated to providing the best 3D printing solutions, browse our available job openings.