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Discover one of the fastest, highest quality, and most accurate commercial stereolithography 3D printers on the market.

Two Sizes, Same Superior Quality

The RAPLAS PR 450 and PR 700 offer two platform sizes so you can get the same advanced 3D printing technology regardless of your available footprint. The PR 450 has a build volume of 450 x 450, and the PR 700 offers the same innovative open materials design as its PR 450 counterpart while delivering a larger 700 x 700 platform to create your parts. Both machines provide our customers with dynamic beam capabilities, custom vats, and flexible parameter settings, allowing for industry leading customization.

RAPLAS PR 450 Machine Footprint

55.9 x 40.55 x 74.41 in. (L x W x H)

RAPLAS PR 450 Build Volume

450 x 450 x 350

RAPLAS PR 450 Layer Thickness

0.05 to 0.15 mm

RAPLAS PR 450 Beam Size

0.05 to 0.80 mm

RAPLAS PR 450 Max Scan Speed

25,000 mm/s

RAPLAS PR 700 Machine Footprint

67.32 x 51.97 x 78.15 in. (L x W x H)

RAPLAS PR 700 Build Volume

700 x 700 x 500

RAPLAS PR 700 Layer Thickness

0.05 to 0.15 mm

RAPLAS PR 700 Beam Size

0.05 to 0.80 mm

RAPLAS PR 700 Max Scan Speed

25,000 mm/s

The Best in Open-Materials 3D Printing

Are you tired of the lockdown that comes with most 3D printers? With their open materials design, the RAPLAS PR 450 and PR 700 3D printers enable endless possibilities and eliminate the downtime and costly repairs that you encounter with 3D printers of the past. The PR 450 and PR 700 are known for superior quality, and with dynamic beam size and flexible parameter features, the robust machines allow you to complete any project, whether you need to print small HD or large parts.


Explore Our Turnkey Solution

With an array of options covering every step of the stereolithography printing process and years of industry experience, RP America can help you build the perfect 3D printing lab to complete your project.

RAPLAS 700 Features Image

Solid State Laser


Equipped with a 1 or 2W air-cooled laser system, the PR 450 and 700 each deliver superior stability and power throughout each print. They also provide dynamic focusing capabilities for industry-leading speed and part quality.


HD+ Scanning & Resolution


The PR 450 and 700 provide industry-leading dynamic, three-axis scanning and dynamic focusing powered by the SCANLAB IntelliSCAN Scanning System. This offers the ability to increase scanning speed and enhance accuracy, repeatability, and resolution.


Intuitive Machine Interface


The PR 450 and 700 are operated through an intuitive LCD touchscreen interface. Combined with RAPLAS’ INTEGRA Plus processing software, this delivers robust, yet user-friendly machine operation capabilities.


Open Source Platform


Both the PR 450 and 700 models are capable of printing in any certified 355nm resin. In conjunction with customized vat sizes with Z heights from 55 to 500mm, this provides users with options for flexible and hassle-free material changes.


Rigid Frame Construction


The PR 450 and 700 are built with a granite frame, which sets the standard for stability and precision. This provides excellent repeatability, accuracy, and thermal stability.


Large Access Doors


The wide opening doors of the PR 450 and 700 allow for easy removal of build platforms, saving time and effort. Along with the stainless steel rim cover, this allows for easy clean-up upon completion of your print.

The possibilities are endless

The dynamic capabilities of the RAPLAS PR 450 and PR 700 3D printers set the standard for cross industrial applications. Both machines offer flexibility in establishing custom parameters, which provides customers with a truly open model for achieving their prototyping goals.

The PR 450 and PR 700 are equipped with the same hardware and software, yielding consistent part quality, build time, and accuracy. This gives customers the ability to determine which option is best from a costing and volume standpoint, without having to sacrifice part quality. The PR 450 and PR 700 provide a level of customization and usability that you will want as a part of your additive operation regardless of your industry.

Powerful 3D printing software

The RAPLAS PR 450 and PR 700 come complete with the full Materialise Magics 3D Print suite and RAPLAS Build Processor, allowing for flexibility in part preparation. Using the Materialise Magics software, you can convert data files to STL, easily repair errors, edit and enhance design files, and prepare your build platform. When combined with the industry-leading capabilities of the RAPLAS PR machines, these tools provide you with a finished product that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Your complete 3D printing provider

The team at RP America is here to guide you through the additive process from beginning to end. From determining which technology is best suited for your application to technical support after the sale, we have you covered. Our experience in providing nationwide support and service for equipment, software, materials, and post-processing ensures that we provide solutions to meet your needs for any project.

What our customers are saying

“We print day and night on our RAPLAS PR 700 machine, utilizing it to produce items we previously had to create by hand. This 3D printer gives us a competitive edge by allowing us to create parts faster, giving us the ability to maintain or lower costs on some projects without sacrificing quality. RP America & RAPLAS’ open materials model gives us the comfort of knowing material cost will be competitive with other suppliers or options. The team at RP America always provides quick, reliable, and friendly service. Since purchasing this machine, we’ve become more efficient and are often able to finish jobs ahead of schedule.”

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