UnionTech (DLP)

RP America’s partnership with UnionTech offers customers access to innovative and reliable 3D printing solutions. Purchasing through RP America provides top-tier installation, maintenance, service, and repair, along with unparalleled expert advice for maximum value and longevity.

UnionTech’s DLP printers utilize cutting-edge technology, delivering high precision and quality. With a digital projector as a UV light source, these printers produce high-resolution prints with smooth surface finishes.

Products and Services

With this partnership, RP America will continue to provide our customers with the latest and most innovative 3D printing technology. We are confident that this collaboration will enhance our capabilities in serving our customers with the highest quality 3D printers and outstanding customer service.

Cute 380

DLP 4k Optical Engine

The DLP 4k Optical Engine incorporated in our system ensures unparalleled image quality and clarity. With its advanced technology, you can expect stunning 4k resolution and lifelike visuals, enhancing your overall viewing experience.

Automatic control of surface level and processing parameters.

This feature streamlines your workflow and ensures consistent results by precisely regulating crucial factors during operation.

Semi automatic power detection

This functionality enables the system to detect power requirements and optimize energy consumption, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Closed loop control strategy

This strategy actively monitors and adjusts various parameters such as platform movement, material level, temperature, and vacuum. By maintaining precise control over these variables, we guarantee reliable and consistent operation.

Convenient assembly and disassembly of platform

With user-friendly features and intuitive mechanisms, you can effortlessly assemble or disassemble the platform, saving time and effort. This flexibility makes it easier to transport or store the system as needed.

Cute 300

Industrial 4K optical engine

Uniformity of the entire build envelope exceeds 99%.

High precision

Excellent printing performs realistic details and fine surface quality.

Resin vat with replaceable film

Working cost is lowered in favor of customers.

Quiet working environment

Small peeling force enables the printer to work quietly.

Semi-automatic power correction

Site installation is convenient to engineers.

Automatic working mode

No operators are needed at site during the mode.

Customer Testimonials


Better accuracy than parts we were buying from a service bureau.


Best 3D printer I’ve ever owned.


Zero failures in months of production.


The ability to run multiple materials and quickly change is awesome.


The machine paid for itself in 90 days.

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