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Through PostPro’s chemical vapor smoothing process, 3D printed polymer parts are now able to have a smooth finish with the help of fully automated surface finishing technology. This process improves part quality and integrity, as it is non-line-of-sight. Eliminating risks associated with production time, even for parts with complex geometries. RP America proudly carries the PostPro SF100 and the PostPro SF50, which means any application from prototyping to full production parts can be taken to the next level!

Chemical Vapor Smoothing – AMT

AMT PostPro SF100 – 100 Liter Chamber

The PostPro SF100 is AMT’s next-generation chemical vapor smoothing technology that sets a new standard in the post-production process.  It’s designed to meet high volumes with efficiency and speed, while also providing unmatched quality control.

The PostPro SF100 features a 100-liter processing chamber and is designed to increase output efficiency, which means a reduced cost-per-part. The SF100’s compact design saves space with little impact on your production area, making it an efficient choice for many industries.

PostPro’s innovative process is designed to create a surface finish similar to an injection molded part with improved mechanical performance and a smooth surface. This allows users to easily clean, dye, or coat parts while maintaining dimensional accuracy simultaneously.

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AMT PostPro SF50 – 50 Liter Chamber

The PostPro SF50 is a part of AMT’s next generation of patented chemical vapor smoothing solutions for post-processing thermoplastic 3D printed parts. This next generation technology offers users advanced features, allowing for an improved production experience.

PostPro’s SF50 features a 50-liter chamber which provides operational efficiencies for prototypes and smaller production parts. Making it ideal for research and development, as well as production.

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Depowdering and Shot Blasting Systems – AMT

PostPro DP Max

The AMT PostPro DP Max is a fully automated 2 in 1 depowdering and shot blasting system designed for high volume production. The 63-liter volume allows for the processing of large components and production, making this a perfect solution for quick and efficient turnaround.

PostProDP Max is a high-performance, precision solution designed to increase efficiency and productivity. With its innovative features such as reversible belt controls that enable automatic loading & unloading of parts from transport containers, the PostProDP Max provides operators with an ergonomic working height.

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PostPro DP Pro

PostPro DP PRO from AMT is an ideal solution for cleaning and shot blasting parts, saving time and resources throughout the post-processing workflow. It’s ergonomically designed with features that increase productivity to make your post-processing a more efficient process.

The large basket allows for easy adjustment of the blasting angle, quick cleaning, and straight-forward switching between batches. The user can save settings, allowing for consistent workflows to be implemented and repeated.

The DP Pro has a dedicated manual blasting area, which allows for efficient blasting of parts without making manual adjustments. The DP Pro ensures nothing disrupts proper cleaning of your parts.

The PostPro DP PRO provides a safe, long-term, and efficient user experience. Providing the opportunity to take post-processing to the next level.

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AMT PostPro DP

The AMT PostPro DP is a cost-effective, high-performance cleaning and shot blasting solution. It provides everything needed to implement and sustain an automated post-processing workflow.

The PostPro DP is dependable. Built to maximize throughput and build a foundation for continued improvements.

PostPro DP’s intuitive and ergonomic design allows the user to comfortably load and unload the machine, while adjusting settings.

Cost-effective and efficient post-processing automation has arrived.

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The PostPro Studio from AMT is a compact depowdering system designed for smaller 3D printed polymer parts within studio operation environments.

The PostPro Studio features an adjustable angle and nozzle holder so users can achieve optimal results for different part geometries and loads. Paired with a user-friendly touch screen for easy parameter adjustment of the blasting process, this machine is designed to make the depowdering process as smooth as possible.

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