3D Printing Software

If you’re looking for 3D printing software that will help you create high quality products for your specific industry or application, look no further. We offer software from industry-leading brands that deliver an array of functionalities to simplify your 3D printing process.

Materialise Software

As the most powerful additive manufacturing data and build preparation software on the market, the Materialise line is comprised of versatile, industry-leading tools. These products offer capabilities to convert data files to STL, create support structures for individual parts, generate internal part structures, and more.

Materialise Magics

As the core component of the Materialise Magics 3D Print suite, this extensive software lets you manage every step of your additive manufacturing process. Materialise Magics allows you to easily repair challenging errors,  edit and enhance files, utilize visualization and customization tools, analyze your parts to ensure quality, and import color and texture information.

Materialise e-Stage

An add-on to Materialise Magics software, e-Stage lets you automate your support generation process and create unique support structures for individual parts. Use this software to save data preparation and finishing time, as well as eliminate human error in your builds. E-Stage generates support structures only where they’re needed, creating minimal needle-thin contact points that make removal simple. This software is compatible for use with over 40 types of 3D printing materials.


TetraShell™ saves you time and money for investment casting projects. This stereolithography software directly 3D-prints your foundry patterns and can eliminate the need for expensive, tedious tool production. When you build patterns in one piece with TetraShell™, you get better dimensional accuracy and repeatability, reducing the risk of surface flaws.


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