UV Curing Light

An essential tool for SLA or DLP users

Handheld and cordless, this light is convenient for performing SLA and DLP machine part repairs or workbench part patching, filling, or joining.  Comes with a sturdy plastic case that holds light, protective glasses, batteries, and battery re-charger. 

Easily repair 3D printed parts instead of tossing.

Says RP America’s machine operator, “I use it to repair parts that have minor damage. It is very easy to patch a hole or flaw in a part that comes off the platform, and still have a usable part.”

Technical parameters

Wavelength 365 nm ± 5 nm
Light intensity max 8w/cm2
Spot diameter 3/4/5/6/7/8/10/15 mm/line light, any shape is available
Drive mode Single-mode high power irradiation
Battery 18650 high-energy lithium battery
Working time Approx. 2.5 hours after each charge
Accessories Battery charger, lens, UV safety goggles
Product diameter 26 mm
Product length 150 mm
Product weight 160 g (without battery)
Warranty 3 months without man-made damage, lifelong repair service