Somos® Stereolithography Solutions

Stereolithography (SL) materials offer a large range of mechanical and physical properties for prototyping, investment casting, and more. Contact us today to learn what material is best for your application. RP America partners with Somos®, a product brand of DSM, to offer materials that provide the best solutions for any SL application. Their product line includes:

Somos Taurus SL 3D Printing Material

Combining thermal and mechanical performance.

Somos EvoLVe SL 3D Printing Material

Designed for great performance and easy post-processing.

Somos NeXt SL 3D Printing Material

The accuracy of SL with the performance of thermoplastic.

 Colorless, functional, and accurate parts that simulate an acrylic appearance.

Specifically designed for producing investment casting patterns.

Somos BioClear 3D Printing Material

Clear material designed for medical applications.

Thermoplastic-like performance and high-res detail.

Somos PerFORM SL 3D Printing

Ideal for tooling and wind tunnel testing applications.

Somos ProtoGen SL 3D Printing Material

A translucent, ABS-like solution.

Somos ProtoTherm SL 3D Printing

High-temperature resistance with exceptional surface finishing.

Somos 14122 SL 3D Printing Material

An ideal choice for virtually any application.

Somos WaterShed SL 3D Printing Material

Highly detailed parts with superior clarity and water-resistance.

The ultimate solution for semi-flexible form, fit, and function parts.

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