UnionTech 3D Printers

Game-changing SL technology

UnionTech’s line of industrial 3D-printing equipment is bringing a fresh dimension to stereolithography in North America. There are five stereolithography 3D printers in the UnionTech equipment lineup, including small to large printer platform sizes:

What does UnionTech’s  “open source” platform mean to the additive manufacturing user?

RP America has been putting this concept to the test in our 3D printing lab with UnionTech equipment.

Why UnionTech?

  • Cost effective ownership over entire equipment life-cycle
  • Open machine design—You choose your 355nm SL material
  • Superior part quality—Achieve ultra-smooth surfaces and fine details


  • PADT, Inc. Amazed by Function and Finish of UnionTech Parts


Stereolithography Applications

  • Rapid Tooling

  • Investment Casting

  • Metal Cladding